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2015 HONDA CTX700T


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2015 HONDA CTX700T

Posted: Jun 8, 2018 12:00 AM

Vehicle Description

Motorcycling is changing. More than ever before people are turning to touring motorcycles to escape the ever accelerating pace of modern life. Rather than seeking an adrenaline rush they are looking for a way to relax, a way to get back in touch with the things that used to matter. They want to get outdoors, away from the computer screen; they want to meet people face-to-face instead of using the latest digital device; they want real in a fake world. To be truly worry-free however, this escape has to be affordable. Touring motorcycles have not changed with the times to address this new reality. Until now, the CTX700T was designed specifically with this new-age rider in mind. Instead of joining the battle for ever-increasing performance the CTX700T utilizes cutting edge technology to craft a machine that eases the effort of operation to an almost invisible level. Riders become less focused on the machine itself, free to just enjoy the experience of riding. Honda engineers used one of the most advanced eng

Vehicle Information

Vehicle Type Motorcycle
Vehicle Location Kelowna, British Columbia
Year 2015
Model CTX700T
Condition Used
Engine Size 501-1000cc

Owner Information

Contact Name Kelowna Honda Powerhouse
Contact Type Dealer

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