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2014 HONDA TRX250X


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2014 HONDA TRX250X

Posted: Jun 7, 2017 12:00 AM

Vehicle Description

An excellent choice for the novice sport rider, the TRX250 has a unique technology that makes all the difference. Sure, its got the features you expect from a sport ATV - responsive engine, lightweight chassis, generous suspension travel and powerful brakes - but the TRX250X has something that others don’t: Honda’s patented SportClutch. The clever clutch design features a normal handlebar mounted clutch lever that offers all the benefits of a manual clutch, and the addition of a no-stall component that makes learning the delicate art of clutch control a snap. Once you’ve experienced how ingenious the system is, you may even get some of your more experienced buddies to convert. TRX250X - clutch master. $500 OFF! Hard to find! Brand new TRX250!

Vehicle Information

Vehicle Type ATV
Vehicle Location Kelowna, British Columbia
Year 2014
Model TRX250X
Condition New
Engine Size 0-500cc

Owner Information

Contact Name Kelowna Honda Powerhouse
Contact Type Dealer

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