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Extra-Clean represents the top 15 to 20 percent of the marketplace. To rate a vehicle as extra clean, the vehicle must look like new, be in excellent mechanical condition and require no reconditioning. Mileage is usually low. This is sometimes referred to as "showroom" condition. This vehicle should also have complete and verifiable service records. If there is no remaining factory warranty and the unit is being retailed at a dealership, the dealer will usually offer some warranty coverage on a unit in this condition.

The estimated retail value you receive at this site does not make allowance for any add-on accessories. It is based on a unit with all original equipment.

Units classified as "Average" or "Clean" condition will sell for less than the price you will receive at this site. The value of any vehicle will depend on the cosmetic condition, mileage, mechanical condition and origin. Maintenance history, option upgrades, performance history and current regional economy should be considered when determining a final selling price.

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