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Estimated trade-in value is what consumers can expect to receive when trading in their used vehicle at a Canadian powersports dealer. This value is based on a unit in average condition. To rate as AVERAGE, the unit should be able to pass a safety inspection. The body should be in good shape and all mechanical and electrical components should be in good working order.

Units in clean or extra clean (showroom) condition will command a higher trade-in value than the listed value on this site. Also the estimated trade-in value you receive on this site does not make allowance for any add-on accessories - it is based on a unit with all original standard equipment.

The value of any vehicle will depend on the cosmetic condition, mileage, mechanical condition and origin. Maintenance history, option upgrades, performance history and current regional economy could have an effect on final trade-in price.

Selling a unit privately will usually net the owner a higher value than shown on this site. Remember the dealer has added costs in selling your unit. These include performing a safety inspection, reconditioning of unit, offering a warranty, cost of advertising, sales commissions and general cost of doing business (rent, staff, etc.)

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