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Buying and Selling Tips

What is the value of the vehicle I am selling or buying?

It is important to understand that there are two prices, wholesale and retail, for used powersports vehicles. If you trade in your vehicle with a dealer you will be credited the wholesale price for the vehicle. This price will be less then the retail price that the dealer then sells your vehicle for. Once a dealer accepts a trade they have to inspect, clean, service and present the vehicle for sale at the retail price point. This is how they are able to stay in business.

Estimated retail price is what you could expect to pay for used vehicle in extra-clean condition. This price is from the Canadian Blue Book and is based off actual retail sales in Canada.

So, where do dealers get their prices? From the Canadian Blue Book. The Blue Book has been serving dealers for 22 years and remains as ?the? pricing guide to use in Canada. The Blue Book collects data from used vehicle sales nation wide and also incorporates trends in the powersports industry to determine the most accurate value of a used vehicle. This is why Canadian powersports dealers often refer to the Blue Book as their "bible" for pricing. If thousands of powersports dealers across Canada trust the Blue Book to run their business, you too can trust that the pricing is accurate.


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