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Buying and Selling Tips

Why buy or sell your vehicle privately?

Selling your vehicle in a private sale will usually get you a higher price then trading it in at a dealership. Sometimes a few hundred more, sometimes a few thousand more but there are some hassles in selling privately.

After listing and marketing your vehicle for sale you need to become the showroom salesman and demo or show the vehicle. Most people want to test ride/drive a vehicle but you are liable for their actions while on the vehicle and they may damage it or hurt someone else. Once you?ve found a buyer you also need to collect the payment. Even if everything else goes smoothly this can cause problems or a buyer may choose to back out completely. It becomes a question of how much you are willing to pay in time and energy to get the highest possible price.

The only advantage to buying a vehicle in a private sale would be to save money. A private seller may offer a vehicle for sale at lower price then you find at a dealer. But, it is important to remember that a dealer will inspect, clean, and usually tune-up a vehicle before they make it available for sale. A vehicle bought in a private sale is purchased as is.

The general theme here is being diligent. Whether you are buying or selling a vehicle in a private transaction you need to know what to look for and make sure you aren't getting taken advantage of. While most buyers/sellers are good honest people there will always be a small percentage of people that are up to no good.


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