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Buying and Selling Tips

Why buy or sell your vehicle in Canada?

The number one reason people choose to buy Canadian is because there are no surprises. Purchasing a vehicle from out of country is usually a three-step process. Step one is pay for the vehicle. You then need to export the vehicle from the country it currently resided in and the third and final step is to import the vehicle into Canada. There are many little things that can pop up and cause you grief in any or all of these steps of the process. If you buy a vehicle in Canada you simply pay for it and go to your local insurance broker to insure and/or register it. There are no surprises. It is convenient and simple.

Some of the other reasons why you would want to buy your vehicle in Canada are:

Dealer Support - when you buy from a licensed Canadian dealer they offer warranty and regular service.

Canadian Vehicle - while most US and Canadian vehicles are generally built the same, there are some small differences. These differences, such as a metric or standard speedometer, can usually be changed quite easily but will occasionally add significant costs to registering a vehicle from outside Canada. When you buy in Canada (and you have a vehicle history report) you know you are getting a true Canadian vehicle. The nice thing about owning a Canadian vehicle is that you won?t ever have to worry about any modifications when you want to sell it or trade it in. You will also get a higher price when you sell. Ask yourself, what is the first thing you think if you discover the vehicle you are looking to buy has been imported from the United States? Probably that the current owner got a good deal by going to the US. So, are you prepared to pay as much for his/her American vehicle as you would a comparable Canadian vehicle? Probably not.

Two other reasons people are buying in Canada are rebates and financing. The majority of powersport vehicles are financed, gone are the days when people saved for vehicles and paid cash. Financing is relatively easy to attain in Canada. Financing is either manufacturer direct or from a bank/credit union. Manufacturer direct financing is not available for Canadians looking to buy vehicles from other countries and banks/credit unions may or may not finance a vehicle from outside Canada. Financing imported vehicles adds more risk to the bank/credit union and they are very risk adverse organizations. If you were buying a new vehicle, manufacturer rebates that the dealers pass on to the consumers would only be available to you in Canadian dealerships.


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